Precise landing with TCToolbox Airline Edition

The safety requirements in aviation are rigorous, and the aviation authorities’ regulations are strict and comprehensive. TCToolbox Airline Edition helps airlines to create, manage and publish aeronautics manuals of any kind. Traceable processes that are recognised by the supervisory authorities form the basis of audit-ready, fault-free manuals generated automatically on demand. TCToolbox Airline Edition is a package tailored specifically to the needs of airlines. It comprises a TCToolbox-based management system, TopLeaf-based PDF generation, and EB.Suite-based electronic publishing.

Lutz Kohlert, Assistant to the Postholder Operations, Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH:

"Managing data media-independently in XML was especially important for us because we have to provide electronic documentation on board as well. Our pilots and  aircrew need to have easy access to the manuals via an Electronic Flight Bag System."